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Being creative when the product is like “tennis shoes that may have bad side effects”

It’s one thing that my dad doesn’t really understand what I do.

Me (for the tenth time): “Dad, I create ads to help recruit people into medical research studies so potential, new medicines can be developed.”

Dad: “Did you do those beer commercials? They’re dumb.”

It’s another thing when your peers in the advertising industry don’t really understand what I do.

Me: “We create campaigns to motivate people to consider participation in clinical trials.”

Ad Friend: “Cool. Like Viagra?”

Like most artists, creative-types in the ad industry like recognition. That means winning an award for your work. Most ad award programs are very broad. You’re going up against creative for companies like Nike, ESPN, Coke and Budweiser, which is why advertising campaigns for clinical trials are not going to do well against the competition. Most award judges, who are peers from the broad ad industry, don’t get what we do. They don’t understand how pharmaceutical lawyers, government regulations, and overall medical ethics create a narrow canvas from which to work. “It can’t be funny, why?” they ask me.

Finally, though, someone gets what we do. This article from CenterWatch discusses the challenges of creating ads for clinical trials and how a couple of the premier shows in the pharmaceutical advertising community are awarding campaigns that focus on medical research. We’re honored to be mentioned. Perhaps I’ll show my dad.

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