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Interesting timing…

Two big developments in the pharmaceutical world of social media.  Here we are today with the first qd blog entry, while at the same time the FDA is holding a hearing on the use of the internet and social media in the promotion of approved medical products.

Since we live in the “pre-approval” medical products space of patient recruitment for clinical trials, we’re all hoping for some guidance that can help us as well.  We’ve heard from focus groups that the public wants quick, easy-to-find information about medical research studies.  The challenge, of course, is how to do that within the confines of IRB approval, where all content targeting potential patients must be approved well in advance.

Study websites are on the rise with sponsors, and are fairly easy to create within the confines of the IRB.  But the instant gratification of social media makes everyone in the clinical trial industry nervous. And yet, social media is not only the new marketing frontier, it provides the constant stream of information that society has come to expect, and arguably, deserves.

If the interest in open communication about clinical research is truly sincere, don’t we owe the public the information they want in a timely manner?  And if the results are stronger participation in clinical research, and thus more effective drugs brought to market more quickly, don’t we all win?

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  1. suismsheeld
    December 10th, 2009

    I highly enjoyed reading this article, keep on posting such exciting posts.

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