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Patient recruitment advertising takes a creative step forward

Within the vast advertising community, it’s often difficult to convey what we do as an ad agency.  Heck, my father still doesn’t really understand what I do. Our agency doesn’t create funny beer ads, or promote a cool sports line.  We don’t hype banks or help sell food.  And while our clients are in the pharmaceutical industry, we don’t work on approved drugs.  What we do, I think, is far more challenging.

We work 24/7 to develop compelling ad campaigns that recruit the general public into medical research studies.  We must convince people that the future of medicine depends on their participation in a clinical trial with an “investigational medication” that has not been approved by a country’s drug review agency (i.e. the FDA). If that’s wasn’t hard enough, we must be compelling within a legal and regulatory box that most agency-types would find ridiculously-limiting to the creative process.  In pharmaceutical communications world, patient recruitment advertising is not the “coolest” of creative spaces.

So we were humbled and honored last month when we won two prestigious awards at the international Rx Club Show.

Check it out here:

Established to honor worldwide pharmaceutical product advertising and promotion, The Rx Club Show is judged in various categories by a panel of industry experts and is based solely on creativity.

You’ll see that most all of the winners are for campaigns promoting approved medications – that’s generally where the big agencies (and the big budgets) hang-out. By our count, we were the only agency to win based on work in the patient recruitment advertising niche.  Pretty cool for us.  Even better for the patient recruitment industry.

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